5 Pieces of Essential Camping Gear

Much like the rest of the world right now, we are longing each and every day to get out of the house, to get some fresh air and to go traveling. In fact here at Backpacking Worldwide, it is camping that we miss most, sleeping under the stairs, grass below and sky above, delightful. Naturally the CoVid-19 pandemic has created an even big desire in our hearts to go camping, and so we have been buy some cool accessories for when we finally can get out and go.

Beyond the basics like tents and sleeping bags, here are 5 essential pieces of camping gear.

Coffee Maker

As much as it has its place we are not the rough and ready type of campers and we do actually quite enjoy some home comforts, and coffee is one of them. The best camping coffee makersare those which are easily portable, which don’t weigh a lot and which make a mean cup of Joe, our particular favorite is a portable Aeropress, but there are many options available.

Eternal Match

Fires are part and parcel of a camping trip which is why we always make sure that we have one of those eternal matches. These small metal fires starters are waterproof and they will easily light no matter what the wind is doing, a great thing to have in your backpack.

Toilet Paper

Beyond a tropical storm, the absence of toilet paper during your camping trip will be one of the worst things to happen, so be sure to load yourself up with it before you leave. In addition, it will be absolutely essential that you have a zip locked bag in which to keep said toilet paper, as wet toilet paper is the second worst thing that can happen on your trip.


A torch is always an important tool to take with you but it can be a bit awkward when you need to use your hands, having to try and find somewhere to hang the torch for convenience. For this reason you should also take with you a headlamp, which enables you to be handsfree and light up the night so that you can read a book, find things or even if you are working on a little project.

Pocket Knife

Whenever people ask what they should be investing in I always tell them to make sure that they have invested in a great pocket knife, as this is going to be useful for so many things. Cooking and preparing food, fixing things such as the tent, opening packages or tins or even making something with wood, there is no end to the uses which you will find for a good pocket knife and the better that it is, the longer it will last you and the better the performance will be.

These are the essentials which you should be getting together now, so that once this quarantine is over, you can get out and have an amazing camping experience.