Instagram Is The Platform To Use

I have been waxing lyrical about Instagram for ages now, I think that a lot of people are of the same opinion this days. But there are still some people out there who haven’t been fully converted from the other social media platforms.

I do still get asked from time to time about why Instagram should be used, especially when we have Facebook already which we’re used to and are loyal to.

It’s Not Just A New Fad

It always seems that there’s a new toy on the market or an app in the store, another platform that is getting all the hype. I can tell you that Instagram isn’t very new anymore. It’s been around for nearly 10 years now, the number of users is rapidly increasing and it has even been bought for billions of dollars by Facebook.

The ‘Kids’ Love It

Everyone is a kid to me these days, but by the ‘kids’ I mean millennials. There are loads of social media platforms out there that the kids use regularly – nowadays nearly all of them use Instagram. You know one of the main reasons for this is because their parents or even grandparents aren’t on Instagram, whereas they certainly are on Facebook. Where did the kids used to go? Facebook. It feels like it’s an evolution that’s happening – Instagram is now the big thing and Facebook is becoming a thing for the older ones amongst us.

The Photos

Why write an essay to explain in something when you can just post a picture instead? Instead of answering the prompt ‘what are you doing’ on Instagram it’s just very easy to show people what you’re doing. It makes it so simple and visually pleasing for the user. You can still add text below your photo. Check out Paul Hurdsfield Instagram to see what great pictures you can share from around the world. You’re also able to edit them, add text and use lots of great filters.

You can now also use the new feature called stories, here you can show a short clip or picture which will stay online for about 24 hours – it’s kind of like a temporary update and a really good addition to the platform. People are loving it and it’s probably the most interesting thing on there right now.