How to Entertain International Guests

The internet provides many opportunities for business, one of them being the ability to trade internationally. And while business is business, the challenge often felt by many now-global companies is understanding the international business culture and treating their guests well and with respect during their visits. This post has three great and safe ways to entertain an international business guest.

Start With Their Accommodation
Where you choose to host your guests can say a lot about you and a lot about your business and how it considers its clients. While choosing a high-priced hotel can be a great way to indulge your guests, many international business guests spend the majority of their time traveling and are likely beginning to miss home. Instead of a hotel, look for a short stay apartment with a homely feel. A living space with multiple rooms can be a great way to encourage your guests to invite any friends they have locally to come and stay and help to make them feel more settled and comfortable before they begin doing business.

It’s Time to Relax
We all know that negotiations can be stressful on your mind, however, it’s important to remember that these dealings can often take their toll on your body, especially if the negotiations have been continuing for several days. Upon closure of your deal, head to a Day Spa in Boston and treat your guests to a truly pampering experience. This is a great way to ensure that both your male and female visiting guests are taken care of with a range of treatments such a body wraps, facials and even traditional barber services.

End With a Meal
The best place to finish when entertaining international business guests is with a delicious meal. And while it can be tempting to take your guests to the most expensive fine-dine restaurant your city has to offer, unless it serves the dishes which your city and your country are known for, we recommend choosing somewhere which can offer a more local experience. While visiting your local pizza joint may not be the best place to close a deal, if your city is known for Italian food, find a secluded boutique Italian restaurant which can deliver rich flavors along with a rich local experience.

How you treat your business guests can not only determine whether the current business deal will be completed but whether or not your company will have similar opportunities made available to it in the future. Alongside these tips, ask lightly probing questions of your guests during conversation to gauge their preferences and do your best to address them in a professional and respectful way.

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