We All Need A Trekking Holiday At Least Once In Our Lives

I have been an avid trekker for many years now, I have just returned from the Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek in Nepal which was such an amazing experience. It is after those trips I feel like I should share with everyone why they need to get out there and trek at least once, because once you try it I promise you’ll do more. 

Trekking can give you so much, not only do you get to have a massive achievement such as completing the Upper Mustang Trek in Nepal, but it is very good for the mind as well.

Here are the best reasons why I encourage all of you to get out there and go on a hiking holiday at least once. For those of you who do hike, here is why you should keep going and maybe go even more than you already do

Practical Living

When you go trekking it is actual real life, there’s nothing sugarcoated about it. You get to out in to the wilderness and experience mother nature in all its glory. As well as that we capture beautiful views, meet new interesting people and get to know new cultures which we would have otherwise never encountered. You will return home with fond memories, new experiences and friends that will last forever.

Health Improvements

It goes without saying that the health benefits connected with trekking are huge. It will help to lower blood pressure, and it also reduces the chances of diabetes and even heart disease. Do you know the best bit? On a trekking holiday fitness and health benefits are included for free! Your lungs are getting a proper work out everyday and clean crisp air is more than welcome for our body. I find that any anxiety I had before the trek drops a lot.

Have Some You Time

Plenty of research has shown that when you spend time in the great outdoors your attention span will increase and your ability to solve problems can improve by a massive 60%! So disconnect from your technology, leave behind the office stress, the busy city and allow yourself the time for yourself. When you’re on a challenging trek you find out more about yourself, when the going gets tough you don’t think about anything else than completing the task in hand – you get to see your strengths and learn about what you really want, plus what’s important.