Discover the wonders of the Nordic countries

Are you looking for a place to go on your next holiday? Your mind may have initially turned to somewhere warm and tropical. But this does not mean that the countries which have become popularly associated with colder weather should be neglected; to do so would be to miss out on a great number of picturesque landscapes and vibrant cities. Good examples of locations of this type are the Nordic countries.

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The Nordic countries comprise a perfect set of destinations for any holiday. Whether you plan to spend time at the coastlines of Denmark, the forests of Finland, the glaciers of Iceland, the lakeside towns of Norway or the mountains of Sweden, this part of the world will give you a holiday experience which you will remember for a lifetime. That is why more and more people are taking flights to Stockholm, Espoo, Reykjavik or any number of other major Nordic cities and seeing what these fascinating and spellbinding countries have to offer them.

Just what is it that makes these countries special? Here are just a few of the many examples.

After you have taken one of the flights to Copenhagen which are available, the wide vistas of Denmark will be yours to sample. The majestic Kronborg Castle, the gorgeous Lonstrup Cliffs, the historic town of Ribe – a visitor to Denmark is truly spoilt for choice. If you are taking children, then Legoland will make an ideal destination, while visitors of a different age group will find much to enjoy in the buzzing nightlife of Copenhagen, with its many unique discos, bars and clubs.

The homeland of Tove Jansson, author of the beloved Moomins novels, Finland has perhaps become associated with childhood wonder in the English-speaking world. A visitor will certainly see plenty to back up this impression, with snow-swept woodlands and opportunities for horse-drawn sleigh rides. It should not be forgotten, however, that Finland is also a most up-to-date country, as a visit to the vibrant and bustling capital city of Helinski will testify.

Iceland is a country rich in history: it was the birthplace of Leif Ericson, the Viking seaman who discovered America centuries before Christopher Columbus. As is to be expected, there are many museums which are dedicated to preserving the nation’s unique history. Beyond this, the country also has many natural wonders, such as geysers and hot springs, along with innumerable examples of stunning modern architecture.

The countless people who travel on flights to Oslo and the other cities of Norway are instantly spellbound by the beautiful country. There are many activities which can be enjoyed in this wonderful land, such as canoeing and even aquatic safaris. Norway contains both sprawling modern cityscapes and areas of unspoilt natural beauty which are home to wild animals such as puffins, so no matter what your tastes and interests, you will find something in Norway to appreciate.

The final country of the Nordic region is Sweden, home to vast regions of pure nature, eye-catching contemporary cityscapes and countless spectacular buildings which span centuries of the country’s history. No visitor to Sweden will be short of things to enjoy, whether they wish to spend the night in a humble log cabin in the wooded hills or sample the nightlife of one of the country’s major cities.

In conclusion, the Nordic countries really do provide a bottomless range of attractions that will suit the widest variety of tastes amongst travellers. From their cities to their mountains, from their villages to their lakes and beaches, these five countries represent a veritable treasure trove of holiday opportunities.


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