The Easiest Industries to Break Into as a New Business Owner

Breaking into an industry as a business owner, let alone a new one, can be difficult at the best of times. However, there are a select number of industries that are easier to start off in than others. If you really are keen on beginning a new business, there are many choices you can make. This includes getting help from a business startup helper, like Telcoinabox (visit, that would be more than happy to help you.

The Easiest Industries to Break Into as a New Business Owner

Childcare Services

Childcare will always be in demand, as there will always be working parents needing people to take care of their children, or even just wanting some time off. All you really need is a love for children and a willingness to put up with whatever they might throw at you – both literally and figuratively! Depending on your neighbourhood, you may even be able to find an age range that suits you and hasn’t been snatched up yet.

Employment Services

Looking for employment is a part of life, and some are better at it than others. For those who aren’t so great at finding work, employment services can be of great benefit. This might be as simple as fixing up or writing resumes and cover letters, and then you can go from there. Once you get some traction, you may be able to grow into a fully fledged recruitment agency.


There is a constant need for new software, as hardware and the demands of consumers seem to be ever changing. If you have the know how to develop software, this industry might be perfect for you. Find a gap and fill it, or take something and improve on it. This can also be applied to games, if you are passionate about gaming – and this is not just limited to computers anymore, thanks to the overwhelming amount of smartphones and the advent of the ‘app’.


People and businesses are on the lookout for consultants at all times, as they are usually cheaper than employing someone on a full or part time basis. Consultancy also gives you the freedom to plan your own work schedule and manage your time more efficiently, as you are not tied down to a mandated set of hours every week. Word of mouth is extremely important as a consultant – so start off with friends and family, and you might find your business kicking off as soon as it has started.

These are just some industries that are relatively easy to break into as a new business owner. There may be others, depending on your skillset and what you are comfortable with, but this is just the beginning. Follow your dream and do what you are passionate about, and you might just find yourself loving everything you do.

Do you agree with the industries stated above? Why or why not? Have you started your own business – if so, are there any tips you would give to others aspiring to the same goal? Leave your thoughts and tidbits of advice down below.

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