Marketing your dentistry online

There are so many options when it comes to online marketing for dentists that it can be confusing to decide what you should and shouldn’t do. The best idea is a combination of marketing activities to maximize their effectiveness and this article will talk more about some of the marketing activities that your business could do.images (3)


It is important to remember that dentists are extremely competitive and that online marketing will form an important component of your marketing, marketing in traditional media is still effective, but now more than ever the best pool to target is online and social media, which form the largest networks of interconnected people in the world.


Social Media

Social media is an extremely powerful tool for marketing, it is amazing because it is such a large network of people that are interconnected. Take Facebook for example, people are connected by friendships, page likes and sharing of links. Think about the amount of content you see that is from friends of friends or from a page a friend has liked. It is important to market your brand through social media because it has the potential to reach so many different people because it is used by so many. Some examples of social media advertising are things like sponsored Instagram posts, where a person with a large number of followers is paid to link back to your page and provide a photo of them using your product or service.



This is an acronym for search engine optimization and aims to boost your search engine rankings and make your business much more visible for people searching for your dentistry, this is particularly the case where they search for a dentist in your area.


The best way to make your site seen through SEO is to create engaging and quality content in the form of articles and blogs and these will link back to your site. You may think that this can be done in house, however it does require some time and skill to master. So it is important to hire a company that is a specialist in producing quality content, they can also make the article optimized to the ever changing standards that search engines have for ranking pages.


In essence SEO is a numbers game designed to increase traffic to your website and hopefully help you to create some more sales.

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