Oxford Offers the Perfect Work-Life Balance

If you are considering a change of job and are thinking about moving to Oxford, it is important to know exactly what the city has to offer for you and your family.

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It is helpful to look at the whole picture to determine exactly what sort of work-life balance you might achieve through living in Oxford.


Depending upon the area you are interested in, house prices will vary. In general, however, property prices in Oxford are significantly lower than they are in London, with the average house price currently approximately £350,000. Rental values are also much lower in comparison.


If you are looking to live and work in and around Oxford, you will be relieved to know that transport links are exceptional. The M25 and M40 motorways, between Oxford, London and the Midlands, service the city, while the A34 and the Oxford Ring Road provide very easy access to the south and the west. So commuting for business and pleasure is simple.

Travelling by train is also effortless, with regular direct trains from the city centre to London Paddington, Reading, Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds. Trains, buses and coaches run frequently from Oxford to Heathrow, Gatwick, Birmingham International, Luton and Stansted. In addition, the Oxford Tube is a 24-hour service between Oxford and London.

Oxford itself is relatively small, with just over 150,000 residents. Commuting into town for work is fairly easy given the good bus routes and five park-and-ride services situated along the ring road.

Oxford is well known as a centre of learning excellence and boasts more published authors than any other city in the world. This is a good indication of the fantastic quality of life Oxford has to offer, facilitating success and contentment in those who live and work there.

There is a huge amount of choice for those looking for facilities such as serviced offices to let in Oxford. The town centre offers some exciting and prime locations, while out-of-town complexes are able to provide quite a bit more in terms of space and additional amenities such as car parking and leisure faculties on site.


Oxford has lots to offer if you enjoy an outdoor life. With twenty nature reserves and a number of Sites of Specific Scientific Interest, there is plenty to explore in your free time.

There is a fantastic choice of restaurants and bars to visit in Oxford, so there is sure to be something to suit all tastes. Oxford also boasts a good number of theatres, including the Oxford Playhouse and the New Theatre.

Oxfordshire really does have so much to offer. Oxford is at the heart of this very rural county, located in the south east of England and boasting a rich and interesting heritage. The city itself is the vibrant cultural hub for a mix of villages and towns set in some of the most beautiful countryside found in the UK.

Living in Oxford offers the chance to achieve a really good work-life balance, with lots to do in both rural and urban locations, cost-effective living choices and above-average wages.

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