The evolution of the optical industry

Taking yourself or your child to the optician can sometimes seem time consuming and stressful; we may put off going for longer than we should. Many of us do not visit an optician until we have an issue that needs professional care, although we all should make an appointment once a year for an annual checkup. We should always remember that in the US we are fortunate enough to receive some of the best, most efficient optical care in the world.


Optometry or the measurement of vision began as long as two thousand years ago when the first pair of eyeglasses was made. Since then, the optical industry has grown immeasurably, up to the point where we are now able to morph poor into perfect vision with the work of an advanced laser in less than 15 minutes.

If you are new to a particular optician’s office it is important to inform the receptionist of your background information along with any family history of visual impairment. You will then meet with the optometrist and he or she will perform various procedures including eye muscle movement test, cover test, an external examination of the pupil, visual acuity test and a retinoscopy. These tests are always included in a general eye examination, unless you have any previous vision problems that require attention.

Many doctor’s offices provide on site lens crafting to ensure a new pair of eyewear is available within the same day. A frame specialist will assist with selecting the perfect glasses to fit your needs and send your prescription to the on-site lab, where your glasses will be crafted and ready in a few short hours.

Without the help of trained specialist a visit to your optician would not be possible. The optical industry has been providing jobs for the past eighty years, since the first optometric course was established in Queensland, Australia. Along with optometrists, the industry as a whole has skyrocketed, providing jobs for professionals who target specific specializations within the optical industry. The dynamics of the industry can range from customer service jobs to laser engineers.

Throughout the past thirty years, Stanton Optical has grown into a two hundred million dollar optical empire with over 100 premises across the United States. Jobs at Stanton Optical cover many fields, such as frame specialists in retail sales, optometric technicians, optometric technician’s assistants and bilingual language specialists. It is important that you have a good relationship with your optometrist to ensure the best quality service possible. Stanton Optical aims to be the nation’s most desired optical brand, targeting its staff and customer service to achieve the highest level of performance possible.

The optical industry continues to expand each and every day, offering jobs and support to all involved. We should never take our eyesight for granted and need to keep in mind how important it is to our health and its significance in our everyday lives.





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