Top 10 Best-Paid Jobs of the Future

While banking, accounting, law and brokerage currently bring in most money in today’s economic climate, it would be a mistake to think that these professions will still be the highest-paid in 20 years time. The way we work, and the professions therefore deemed to be most valuable, will change and the financial climate will be very different. Here’s how to future-proof your profession and continue to earn good money even as the world changes.


New Life, New Professions

Job titles that do not currently exist will become everyday in the future so don’t rule out becoming a digital architect or an avatar designer. After all, who would have thought, 10 years ago, that there would be a profession entitled “social media consultant”? All jobs stem from trends, which result in needs, which are met with jobs that gain monetary reward. If needs are different in the future, job roles will be different too.

Valuable Human Skills

As computers and robots evolve to do the jobs we don’t have the time or inclination to complete, these will become badly paid and undesired. To succeed in the workplace financially you may need to focus on those skills that make you undeniably human – skills which a robot will not be easily able to match. Think, for example, of compassion, leadership, and motivation. You can also succeed in areas where computers don’t have much clout, including sport, personal services, and entertainment.

Technology Rules

Of course, it will be easier to earn a high salary if you understand the new technology the world runs on. Financially profitable careers include programming, creating new apps and designing equipment to help the world move at a fast rate. Here are 10 future possibilities to earn the highest salaries (information from The Telegraph):

1. Digital architect designing a sequence of virtual buildings for virtual marketing and advertising.

2. Care for the elderly in their own homes to meet the needs of an aging population – including specialist health advice for seniors.

3. Make body parts for those that need replacements such as soldiers and sportspeople.

4. Create nano-technology including implants for medication.

5. Create ways to dispose of data responsibly.

6. Design and manage avatars – holograms of real people living in a virtual world.

7. Become a time broker to handle stockpiles of time rather than cash.

8. A personal brand manager that handles all aspects of someone’s personal brand, including their virtual interactions.

9. Be a memory surgeon to help an ageing population deal with the ravages of time and the need to stay sharp and intelligent.

10. Starting a recruitment agency to fulfil the future’s staffing needs. If things continue to progress as they have done in recent years, people will be moving jobs much more frequently – there is unlikely to be a “job for life” in the future. And all these moves will still need someone to manage them. Be creative and look for ways in which you can expand on your skills to make them future-ready. Consider how Startupsimply services and technology can help you now, and build a solid financial base for however the world changes.




Image attributed to Stuart Miles

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