When might you need to hire a solicitor?

Sometimes it can feel like quite a daunting process when you are thinking about hiring a solicitor, this is mainly because the idea of going through a legal process can cause many dilemmas. Hiring a solicitor is always essential if you want any legal situation to go as smoothly as possible. When you are unsure on any issue about what action to take then approaching an experienced solicitor is always the best move, this is because you will get informed and expert advice.


There are a wide range of legal issues that may require you to see the advice of a solicitor. Here we have put down some of the most common reasons that people seek assistance.


When anyone is looking to buy or sell a property conveyancing is the most important part of the process. Whilst it is legal and very possible for you to do the process by yourself, it is really not recommended because you have to deal with a wide range of legal issues that require very close attention. Another downside of attempting to complete the conveyancing process by yourself is that it is extremely time consuming and will require you to do a lot reading. There are even some mortgage lenders that will flat out refuse a mortgage to people that have gone through the process by themselves with our being supervised by a professional. Hiring a solicitor to go through the conveyancing process for you is the safest and most secure option.


It the past the divorce process was quite a difficult one. Nowadays filing for a divorce is a relatively simple process; this is especially the case if both sides agree that the marriage is over. However, it is still essential to make sure that all of the documents submitted to the court are in order to avoid any future complications. A solicitor will make sure that all court documents are completed correctly, it is always advisable to have a solicitor help with this process because it will save time and possibly money in the future.

Writing a will

It is often a common misconception that their partner or spouse will automatically inherit a person’s assets when they pass away – this is especially the case if both people unfortunately pass at the same time. If a will has been drawn up incorrectly complications such as inheritance tax and/or children from past relationships can become a problem. It is essential to make sure that a will has been drawn up correctly, this means that those closest to you will be protected and also your assets will be handled exactly how you want them to be after you pass. Solicitors are the best way to ensure everything goes well – they are even available to come to hospital or home in the case of an emergency.

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