5 Top Spots to Visit in Canada

When you think of vacation destinations, does Canada come to mind? Well if it doesn’t yet, we might be able to change your mind. Canada is an incredibly diverse, interesting country with tons of experiences to offer every kind of traveler. It’s natural beauty can hardly be beat by anywhere else in the world, so check out cheap flights to Canada and don’t miss these 5 awesome spots on your trip to Canada:


The Far North

The north of Canada is a vast and largely untouched place so if you love nature, this is for you. Imagine exploring places where literally almost no people live, and instead, caribou run freely amid rugged mountain terrain and breathtaking crystal lakes. You’re not likely to find a place like the northern Canadian lands anywhere else in the world.


Vancouver Island

Vancouver and the coast of British Columbia are some of the most beautiful spots that Canada can offer, so don’t miss this gorgeous landscape and surrounding. There are rainforests, dramatic coastline and hidden bays from which you can take a boat to go whale watching. The city of Vancouver itself is diverse, lively and filled with cultural and gastronomical delights to last a lifetime.

Quebec’s Maritime Culture

Travel along the St. Lawrence River to discover quaint villages with adorable sidewalk cafes, artists perfecting their pieces and fisherman hard at work bringing in the day’s catch. For activities you can go canoeing to see the area by river, or hike through the mountains. The whole area leaves you feeling refreshed from nature and the genuinely friendly locals.

Rocky Mountain National Parks

These parks located in Alberta are one of the most visited spots in the entire country, and if you visit you’ll see why. After watching the morning fog rise off of the water in the still surroundings, you’ll never want to visit the city again! For the most tranquil experience, head to an island in Pyramid Lake in Jasper National Park to watch the sunrise.


Though not as well known as Toronto, Montreal is truly an international city. Its prominent French and English influences combine with many others to give the city a unique flavor all its own. From natural attractions like Mount Royall to exploring the city’s immense food, historical and artistic culture, you’ll never be bored here.


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