Trade Show
Trade Show

5 Tips to Make Offline Marketing Work for Your Business

Online marketing is taking over as the sole marketing strategy for many new businesses. However, offline marketing tactics are still very popular and can get your brand noticed. These strategies can work for your business in a variety of ways, including getting noticed in your local community and providing customers with a way to also check out your business online if they choose to do so.

Trade Show
Trade Show

Print Materials
The standard offline marketing strategy is to produce and distribute print materials using targeted door drops. These materials including brochures, flyers and press releases. These all contain important information about your business and ways for potential customers to find out more.

Another great way to get your brand noticed offline is to sponsor something. In your local community, there are many sponsorship opportunities. Some of the most common ones include sponsoring youth sports teams, sponsoring a prize for local raffles or even creating your own contest to get people involved in a project within the community.

Participate in Trade Shows
Trade shows and conventions are the standard in any industry. Most products also fit into multiple categories, so it is easy to attend multiple trade shows per year to showcase your business. While at a trade show, it is also important to bring plenty of print materials and promotional products so trade show attendees can take something away to remember your company.

Value Your Existing Customers
While you are trying to build your customer base, it is important to not forget about those who have already bought your product or service. There are many ways to show existing customers that you appreciate them. An easy way to show your customers you are still thinking of them is to send a monthly or quarterly newsletter. If it is relevant, you may also want to send out holiday or birthday cards. Any of these marketing tools can include special existing customer discounts to get them back into your store.

Get Creative
Not all offline marketing strategies are standard. If you really want to stand out from the crowd, you will want to be creative in your marketing. You can turn your car into a mobile billboard, provide unique promotional items to customers or throwing a community block party to associate your brand with fun. To be creative, you will have to come up with something that no one has ever done before to get people to notice your business.

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