5 Ways that Timeshare Companies will Scam You

“Own your vacation! Don’t throw away any more money on hotels and resorts year after year! Invest in your vacation!” These are just a few of the points that timeshare sales reps will try to sell you on in persuading you to purchase a timeshare. But while timeshares may sound like a good deal at the offset, be aware that the sales reps are often out to get your money without giving you the whole truth, betting on the fact that you’ll realize it too late, with contract signed. Here are 5 things to watch out for when the timeshare sales reps are pushing their pitch:


Freebies and the Guilt Tactic

Timeshare sales reps will often give you absolutely anything it takes to get you to buy. They’ll wine and dine you, offer you free stays in the most luxury resorts, and often give you a free mini-vacation just for checking them out. But be aware that behind all of these freebies lies a major guilt tactic; once you’ve accepted all these gifts, it becomes exceedingly hard to say no to the sales pitch.


Hidden Fees

Whatever price is quoted to you for the timeshare most likely does not include hidden fees that can majorly add up in the long run. These include taxes and maintenance fees used to run the resort that will incur year after year, often adding up to hundreds of dollars per year.


Exchanging is Difficult

The sales reps will push on you that it’s so easy to exchange your timeshare if you want to vacation somewhere different one year! But the reality is that exchanging your timeshare can be very expensive with fees, and often a huge headache trying to find someone to exchange with.


No Return on Investment

One of the biggest sales pushes you’ll hear from timeshare sales reps is that you’re investing in your vacation. Truth: timeshare’s aren’t a good investment. You will never make back the money you put into it, and will usually make back far, far less.

Impossible to Sell

Not only are timeshares an unwise investment, they can be difficult or nearly impossible to sell for any sort of value. Property changes value so quickly and the market for timeshares is simply not large enough to make it a good investment if you plan to come away with any return on your money. The good news is that there are companies out there that can help you get out of a binding timeshare contract. Check out Right Choice Transfer for expert advice and assistance on freeing yourself from your timeshare contract.

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