Getting into the London Theatre Scene


Appreciating the fine arts can be one of the best parts of traveling. Live theatre is an excellent example of this, whether you’re an aficionado with deep understanding of the stage, or a total novice that hasn’t seen a play since their little sister played the role of “Munchkin 2” in her middle school’s rendition of “The Wizard of Oz.” If taking in shows is what you’re after, few modern cities have a theatrical legacy that can rival London’s. While Broadway is perhaps the most famous spot in the world for theatre, West End has it beat when it comes to history and price, and nearly matches it for variety. Whatever kind of performance you want to experience, you’ll have an opportunity.

London Theatre Scene 1So, what to see? Within this massive industry of professional performances, you have endless choices. Long-running shows like the Phantom of the Opera, Billy Elliot, the Lion King, Les Misérables, Chicago, and Mamma Mia! are obvious options. It is hard to go wrong with classics like these that have been showing continuously for so long. Taking a chance with a newer and shorter-running shows can be rewardingly fresh and unique, but runs the risk of coming across a lemon. Seeing multiple shows over the course of several days is your best bet of finding the exact entertainment you want, and to do so we recommend booking London theatre breaks with a reputable company.

London Theatre Scene 2

Theatreland, the common name for a particular corner of the West End, is famously busy, and there is always an immense range of shows playing at once. About 14 million tickets were sold last year in its 40-some theatres. There are even more production houses in the surrounding area, many of which are known for showing more demanding and intellectual work than the usual crowd-pleasers. The theatres themselves are grand affairs, with a myriad of historical architectural styles and lavish interiors. Some of them have been operating for hundreds of years (though don’t worry, they have all been updated to include all of the modern conveniences).

With so many shows running continuously, it can be hard to pick what you’d like to see most. It is often possible to book packages that will help you decide, save you money, and provide a level of comfort and convenience that would otherwise be lacking. Companies that offer London show and hotel deals often provide great discounts for seeing multiple shows, booking quality accommodation at low rates, and even adding in dinner before your performance. This is a great way to experience all that the West End scene has to offer.

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