Five affordable ways for your company to reach out to new customers

The business world has taken something of a battering in recent years, but there are still plenty of opportunities for companies of all shapes and sizes to reach out to a new customer base. From door drops to email marketing, there are campaigns which could and should be mounted at the earliest opportunity. Here are five methods that won’t prove overly costly.

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Getting the message across electronically

Many company owners and directors seem to glaze over when you mention email marketing campaigns, but it should be noted this option can be a highly effective one. It’s important that you know who to write to and how to word your message, of course, but if you get these aspects right you are likely to see a good return on your investment in no time at all.

From the marketing department straight into someone’s letter box

One of the most important factors of a door drop campaign, and it’s one that many business people tend to forget, is that localised action can be geographically, and therefore highly demographically, targeted. This inevitably means your time, effort and money are likely to be well spent, purely because you will know you’re reaching the people that suit the message.

Speak directly to the people who really matter

There are times when nothing beats speaking directly to potential customers, and in recent years many small companies have chosen to use the local shopping mall to increase interaction. They hire a space at the mall for a day or two, set up a stand and simply talk to as many people as they can, profiling their goods and services in a bid to make their mark.

Building a reputation within the industry at trade shows

If your company is primarily providing services to business clients rather than the general public, you should be making sure your presence is noted at trade shows and exhibitions throughout the year. In most cases, developing such a business is simply a case of putting your name out there and making sure those who matter know who you are and what you do.

Always go the extra mile whenever you get the chance

Any customer or client who views your firm in a positive light will remember you and could even tell others. If your service or product was poor, the chances are they won’t be returning. Therefore, you should ensure you and your employees always strive to be the very best. Go the extra mile every time, because it could make the difference in the end.

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