How To Enjoy A Stress Free Holiday With Your Teenager

Teenagers are mini adults – so to speak. Better still, they’re adults in training. Therefore, they will crave and pursue independence of their own accord. However, they will also need some parental guidance and direction.


Planning a family holiday with a teenager in mind can be a daunting task at the best of times.

To start things off a good idea is to fully involve your children in the planning process. This could be as simple as the whole family sitting down and doing a quick brainstorming session.

Keep in mind that there should be adequate activities available at the destination that will cater for all the family. Nothing can be more stressful than a family member having nothing to interest them while spending two weeks in a foreign country. This is especially the case where active teenagers are concerned.

Make sure you include some alone time for yourself when on holiday. At the end of the day, nothing can be more exhausting than going away only to come back home needing another few days rest. Give yourself ample time to relax, soak up some of that sunshine and sip a cocktail by the pool.

You know what they say – A chilled out relaxed parent makes for a relaxed family holiday!

Carve out some quality time with you and your teenager on the trip. Don’t let this great opportunity to bond with your son or daughter slip away. This doesn’t have to be a big deal. Something like going for a stroll alone the beach in the morning to catch the sunrise or unexpectedly going for a bite to eat out of the blue. These type of situations can provide lasting memories – as simple as they may seem at the time.

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You must allow your teenager to have a decent amount of time alone as well. They need their space, just as we adults need ours from time to time. Ease up on the reigns now and then, and they will respect and love you more for it.

If any sort of conflict or issue arises while on holiday the main thing to do is have a quick talk about it and get things out in the open quickly. As per usual, there are going to be moments when tempers can get flared, and it’s crucial that these issues are adequately dealt with.

At the end of the day, a holiday is meant to be a time when everyone has fun and relaxes. Keep this in mind and don’t let things get out of control and escalate.

Oh, and make sure you take plenty of photographs 🙂

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