How to Teach Art to Children and Make Money too

Having a talent for art is something to be appreciated. Often it is the case that artists like to share what they do in one way or another, some by sharing their creations and others by sharing their skills. There are many good things about being able to teach children to create and appreciate art. Some people really enjoy being able to this, it is after all a fun and rewarding way to make your money. Here are some tips to help you along the way.


Have the Practicalities Sorted:

Have somewhere to teach from which meets both you and your student’s needs. If you are privately tutoring, your house may have an adequate area, but just having a spare kitchen table simply is not enough. If you plan on teaching groups of children it may be worth checking out local spaces and community centres to see if you can hire somewhere suitable for your classes. Make sure that you understand what each class entails, what its goals are and what art supplies you are going to need to provide. Obtaining the supplies that you need online at places such as is key to running a successful session. There is nothing worse than having disappointed children as they couldn’t finish a drawing because you didn’t have the right colours.

Be Sure that You have the Skills and Aptitude:

Not everyone is cut out to be a teacher, it is a skill all of its own. Add to this the fact that not everyone is cut out to teach children and that makes the people who should be doing this quite a small pool. Some people who take up the teaching option have a degree in some area of art or creativity. If you do not have this then you will at least need to have worked and practiced as an artist for several years. You will need an understanding of all the basics, of the history and of the different element of art. Be confident in your knowledge. If you are not, how could you possibly pass it on? Get some experience by offering to volunteer at local community centres or help with workshops.

Market that Class:

There will be no classes if no-one turns up so it is important that you get the message out to those potential students. Take advantage of social media and target an event at the local community. Word of mouth is worth its weight in gold, so get people talking. Have something unique to offer that the children are going to be excited about. Once you are a little more organised and know what you are doing, set up a website that you can link to Facebook and Twitter pages. Allow people to book classes online. This way you can also share resources and knowledge online. You can even post up some of your students work.

There is a lot to be said about the ability to teach children. It is not for everyone and can be tiring and hard work. Finding the talent in a child is reward enough for the hard work though. That is why those that teach do it.

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