My Accidental Road Trip In A Caravan

Caravans weren’t something I typically considered for a holiday but it was an experience that accidentally changed my life. I wasn’t expecting it but it’s something that I’ve come to be thankful for.

Wanderstiefel vor einem Wohnmobil

Hopefully, my story here should help encourage you to join us in caravanning. Whether it’s the open nature, the freedom of choice or just the cheap escapism, it has its benefits. If you’re worried about costs, then there is no need to. From what destination to visit to what insurance to get to keep you covered, firms like The Caravan Club have it all covered and can help you find the most competitive rates.

Anyway, without further distractions, here is how I found myself on a surprise road trip by caravan. Thanks to the experience I’m now a keen caravan enthusiast with a new Loch Ness site next in my sights!


Humble Beginnings

I had originally, of course, decided to do things the ‘traditional’ way; a hotel in town and little else planned. This was down in some part of the countryside nestled in the Midlands. I was bored, had time off and was prepared to visit friends and family in the region. A couple of such friends had a caravan nearby so I promised I’d stop by and say hello.


What started out as a quick greeting quickly turned into a fun day out. The open air and sheer vastness of the outdoors has its qualities; something I didn’t realise until I was well out of my city comfort zones. The simple space and relaxation was amazing and, after various long conversations and drinks, I still wasn’t ready to leave. I was offered the spare bed and I gladly took it, still convinced I’d find a proper hotel or bed and breakfast in the morning.


The Morning After

That all changed upon waking up. There was something about waking up in an actual space, rather than a rented room that really appealed to me. Anyway, rather than make my way alone, my friends offered me a lift – they were heading the same way. This made perfect sense, so we hopped in the car and took the caravan with us.

Of course, the ‘same way’ doesn’t mean the ‘same location’ and we soon pulled up at their destination, a little shorter than where I was planning to go. Again, we went back into the caravan and had another fun night. After waking up for the second morning in a new location, I had to admit the idea of caravanning was warming to me.

After all this, I made time to look up caravanning and the likes of The Caravan Club. I now spend a lot of my summers caravanning, sometimes with the same two friends that tempted me all those years ago.

auf dem Campingplatz essen


The easy-going nature definitely appeals to me; we were able to go wherever we wanted for as long as we wanted. After a week or so on the open road, I had to leave for other commitments but I wish I could have stayed longer. Now, caravanning is an important part of my life. I still following insider tips when booking airline tickets for my international holidays but having recently learned about the popularity of motorhomes in the USA and camping or caravanning in Europe, I may begin to look at other options.

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