Places to See the Northern Lights

The Northern Lights are a phenomenon that many people are dying to check off their bucket list. The best way to do this is take a holiday somewhere in the Aurora Zone. Your best strategy would be to go to a country that also offers a wide range of activities from relaxing to adrenalin pumping to ensure that you have the best holiday possible. This may seem like a daunting task. But thats what we’re here for. Just read down the rest of this page and you’ll have a good idea of where to plan your trip into the Aurora Zone to.


One thing in Norway that isn’t too be missed is the Troll’s Tongue. This rock structure in Odda juts out over a deep valley giving you a marvelous view. Getting to the tip of the Troll’s Tongue takes just a short hike, making it accessible to hikers of all difficulties. Another great trip is to the university town of Trondheim. University towns are not only great places to go out and experience nightlife but house great architecture. The Nidarosdomen Cathedral is one of the best sites to see in Trondheim. It was once the most important trek for pilgrimage in Northern Europe and a place for Norwegian royalty to host coronations of all kinds. While in Trondheim you can also see the Archbishop’s Palace, the Ringve Muesum and the historic Stiftsgarden Royal Residence.



No trip to Sweden is complete without visiting the Lapland region. The Sami people have lived in this region of Sweden and Finland since the beginning of time. They stay true to their culture and are very proud of it. Go to Jokkmokk and see a Sami built exhibition site where you can meet the people and experience their culture first hand through art and music. In this region you can also take safaris to see animals such as moose, lynxes, wolverines, and brown bears in their native habitat. If you’re seeking more of an adventure take a trip down to the Arefjallen Resort. This ski resort has over a hundred kilometers of slopes for people of all experience levels.


As mentioned above, the Fins also have their own people that reside in Lapland. These people are just as nice. If you visit during the Christmas and Winter months it becomes a giant Christmas shopping center. This is due to the home of Santa Claus which is in the area. At the other times of the year it is more relaxed and can make for a more traveler friendly experience. If you’re looking for a much different experience, you can go to Pyynikki Park and the Observation Tower Tampere. Pyynikki is famous for its donuts. So famous that you have to earn them. The way you do that is walking up to the top of the observation Tower and gazing over the Finnish landscape. On a clear day, this will be one of the best sites you may ever see.

But remember that no matter which of these four you travel to, see the main prize of the Northern Lights. You won’t be disappointed!

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