Tips to Traveling Abroad with your Pets


No longer do pets have to be left with relatives or stored at a kennel. Increasingly more airports and hotels are catering to these beloved companions, allowing you to take your vacation with your pet without complications. There are a few steps you can follow in order to make it a smooth-running and more successful trip for both yourself and your pet.

First and foremost, visit the vet before your trip to have a check-up performed. If you’re flying, most airlines require documentation that a pet is in good health before it’s allowed to board a plane. Likewise with certain hotels and resorts. If traveling abroad, research about that nation’s quarantine policy. Some places, for example, Hawaii will quarantine a pet up to 120 days if the state’s import requirements are not met.

For traveling animals, comfort is key, as they can become quite unnerved during transport. If you’re taking a car, make sure your furry friend is familiarized with the vehicle before leaving. If going by plane, you should have a container to store your animal. Make sure the container is large enough for the animal to both stand up and turn around in. To keep your pet entertained, bring its favorite toy and some snacks. Feed and hydrate your pet before traveling, but do not give it an excess of food or else it may suffer from travel sickness or have an accident. Bring portable water bottles and bowls to use away from the hotel. If your pet is bound to get severely uncomfortable with the notion of traveling, using tranquilizers to sedate your pet is an option.

For peace of mind, consider getting pet travel insurance. It’s pretty self-explanatory: if there is an unfortunate accident or complication regarding your pets while traveling, it covers the expenses. There’s only a few pet travel insurance companies on the scene, one of them being Pets At Home. This is different than pet insurance, which is a longer term insurance option for those furry friends.

Traveling with pets should now be easier than ever. So grab your adorable animal, put a pin on the map, and get going! Happy travels.

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