Oman’s Best Attractions

The third largest country of the Arabian Peninsula, Oman is bordered by the UAE, Saudi Arab and Yemen. Unaffected by its bordering countries, Oman stands out as a contradiction with a thriving tourism industry as well as high levels of safety for foreigners visiting the country. Oman is not a usual destination for visitors as it is devoid of vegetation, sky high sky scrapers, luxury resorts and other attractions that are provided by its neighboring Emirates like Dubai. What Oman does have is something that few other countries can offer; an amazingly rich and thriving cultural history, preserved as honestly as possible. Oman is a place to visit for anyone interested in natural beauty, picturesque beaches and soulful deserts that stretch out into the oblivion.

Oman’s numerous attractions start from more than a hundred castles and forts preserved over the course of history that are a central attraction to visitors from all over the world. Some of the more popular forts and castles that are a must visit for all tourists include the Nizwa Fort in Nizwa, the Jabreen Castle at the foothills of the Alkhdar Mountain Range and the Mirbat Castle in the region of Dhofar.

Oman’s capital city of Muscat is a site to behold in itself, with its Majestic Mosques, grandiose forts and picturesque, pristine beaches. The city itself is quite well developed and up to par with any leading capital city of the world.

The city of Salalah, situated in Dhofar region of Oman is unique due to its cool and comfortable climate from June through September, quite contradictory to the hot and humid climate of the rest of the country. The government, taking advantage of the unique climate offered by Salalah has initiated the Salalah Tourism Festival which is one of the most attractive events in Oman as of today. It runs from the 1st to the 31st of July, featuring numerous events and attractions accommodating people of all ages and interests. Music, dances, daring acrobatics and amazed crowds are marked characteristics of this festival.

Oman is also home to one of the world’s most beautiful and rare creatures; The Arabian Leopard. Differing from the African leopard in terms of size and stature, this almost cat sized leopard is nothing like you’ve ever seen on the television. Although it is difficult to catch a real life glimpse of this spectacular cat, there exists a company called Biosphere Expeditions, which organizes volunteer trips to carry out field research alongside government scientists, on a number of wild species, including the Arabian Leopard.

Keeping the topic of the animal kingdom alive, one of the most magical and memorable wildlife experiences in Oman you can have is to witness a giant green turtle walk slowly up the shore from the warm sea searching for a spot to build a nest and lay her huge white eggs. Out of seven recognized species of marine turtle, five are found in Oman’s waters, and some of the world’s most significant nesting sites can be found here on Oman’s beautiful beaches, which in turn are now some of the top attractions in Oman.

The currency in Oman is the Riyal; the Omani Riyal to be exact. For every US Dollar, you get 0.39 Omani Riyals in return, which you can acquire from various banks and currency exchangers operating in Oman, you can check current exchange rates online at Travelex. Credit cards and internationally linked Debit cards are also accepted all over Oman.

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