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Travel Blogs For Your Next Holiday

Many travelers consult blogs for information and ideas on where to spend their next holiday. Fortunately, travelers are usually sharing a lot of useful information on their different blogs. If you are looking for you next destination, they can help you find cheap flights to Tokyo, book the best hotels in Brisbane, figure out things to do in Rio de Janeiro and even the best way to travel around Europe. Their blogs are a great source of inspiration and, at times, a vital necessity for figuring out the complexities of a particular location or dilemma. To start here are some travel blogs that should be in your bookmarks.

john ward

  1. Onestep4ward, written by Johnny Ward chronicles johnny’s life since graduating from university. Since then he’s turned his back on the corporate world and been a huge advocate of lifestyle design. Johnny goes where most people don’t – Somalia, Iran, East Timor, Bhutan, North Korea as well as the staple South East Asia, Australia routes etc. Join him as he plots his journey to every country in the world.


  1. Legal Nomads


Written by Jodi Ettenberg, she’s well-known and held as offering the best of what the most obscure, weird, and wonderful travel destinations have to offer. This is a blog that would certainly suit those who don’t want to become caught up in the typical tourist trap destinations. While there’s quite a market for these travellers, they certainly aren’t all of who are travelling! Even if travellers do find themselves in these spots, Ettenberg often has quite a bit of advice regarding what to do aside from the standard fare.


  1. Eating Asia


One popular reason for travel is cuisine. Eating Asia focuses on both traditional and contemporary dishes within lesser-travelled locations throughout the continent, which are well-supported by excellent photographs and advice regarding how best to tackle these exotic dishes. Even if eating isn’t high on a traveller’s priority list, this blog is sure to test the taste buds and make readers quite hungry! I know I’m quite taken by some of the pictures and would like to visit some of the blog’s mentioned destinations to sample the fare.


  1. Gran Tourismo


Co-written by Dunston and Carter, the duo travel the world and attempt to live in locations as the locals do. In doing so, they’re able to offer firsthand advice regarding the best walking tours, compare the local supermarkets to find the best prices, and occasionally offer interviews with some of the more well-known locals who want to share something about their hometown. This personal touch is often missing from travel blogs, but isn’t amiss in Gran Tourismo.


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