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Choosing a laptop for work and play

Having access to effective laptops is a must for many people these days. Technology like this can help individuals to get on with their work while at home, in the office or on the move. Also, they can be used for shopping, keeping in touch with friends and family, playing games, streaming TV, watching films, listening to music and much more.

john ward johnny ward johny ward

Finding versions that are suitable for both business and personal usage may not be easy, but by doing a little research and checking out the various reviews available over the web, consumers should be able to achieve their goal. It’s certainly well worth making the effort. After all, by finding multi-purpose laptops, individuals can save themselves money and hassle.


Samsung laptops are a favourite among many and the Samsung Series 5 Ultra is one to watch.Writing on TechRadar, Matthew Bolton suggested that this product offers “excellent value for money” and he pointed out that the laptop boasts 500GB of storage. He added: “Usability is something we’ve come to expect from Samsung after testing many of its laptops, and it’s certainly the highlight here.”


The expert also praised the Dell XPS 13, claiming that the laptop is “good for business and personal use”. It is pricier than the Series 5 Ultra, but it looks great and offers fast boots and “near-instant use from sleep”. Also, although it is a 13-inch laptop, its footprint is similar to an 11-inch version, meaning it is convenient to carry around and use in transit.


Another option that may be ideal for those who want laptops for business and personal use is the Lenovo ThinkPad Twist. Writing about the product on PC Advisor, Cliff Joseph stated that it is ideal for business travellers who “can’t decide between a laptop and a tablet”. The 1366 x 768-pixel display is bright and colourful and provides close to 180-degree viewing, which means it is perfect for business presentations. It can also be folded into an A-section ‘tent’ mode in which the keyboard panel becomes a stand, enabling users to sit back and watch videos when they want to relax.


By conducting a little research and scouring the market, it’s easy to see that technological advances have ensured that the need to have a separate business and social laptop is no longer necessary. Combining the two is a cost effective way of saving money while gaining optimum performance.



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