What to Think About for a Destination Wedding

There is nothing like being in the middle of paradise on the day that you celebrate your commitment to the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. The problem is that a lot of people don’t live in paradise. That is why many people consider the option of having a destination wedding. This is a wedding that takes place far away from where the lovely couple lives and is usually in an exotic locale. There are a few things to consider before jumping right in to the wedding of your dreams in a far away paradise.


These types of weddings often take place at resorts in tropical locations and these resorts tend to be pricy. You will have to budget not only for the venue like every other wedding, but also for flights and hotel rooms for the duration of your stay. This cost does not only fall on you, your family and friends will also have to pony up a bit of cash to attend. Make sure the price of travel and stay isn’t outrageous when planning your wedding in paradise.


One of the most exciting parts of planning a destination wedding is deciding on where it will be. Possibly French Polynesia? The Caribbean? A Greek island? The one thing they all have in common is unmatched beauty in their own right. While this can set up one of the most serene weddings you will ever attend there is one other thing to consider, the weather of the area. Many islands are hit hard by thunder storms and even worse tropical storms. These could be detrimental to your wedding experience and even possibly damage your gifts or prevent guests from making the trip. You may want to look into wedding insurance to cover yourself. If mother nature tries to halt your wedding you don’t want to lose out on a fortune in the process.images-115

Local Customs

Something to think about is what the local customs are of the place that you are going. I’m sure no place will have an issue with any of the main points of the ceremony, but think about the details. If you love italian food and want that at your wedding, will Jamaica be the best place for that? The same goes for music. If you love the sound of steel drums than the Caribbean is the perfect place to go, maybe not so much if you want an 80s rock cover band. Its the details that make a wedding spectacular. Make sure the location is suitable for the type of food, drink, and music that you want to keep you and all your guests happy.

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