What to Consider When Flying Out of the UK

The months and weeks of planning your holiday can be stressful to say the least, although it always is worth it in the end. There are always details that get looked over by travelers on a regular basis. To make sure you won’t be one of those travelers here is a short checklist for you to go through before you leave on holiday.


Make sure you have all of your necessary tickets and reservation numbers before you go. This can be one of the most paranoid inducing situations. Its that moment when you approach the gate and can’t find your ticket. You check every pocket and still can’t find it. Then thankfully, you check that secret pocket in your backpack and there it is. It happens to everyone. Every have your tickets ready to go and remember where you put them.


Travel Arrangements

Many people forget to realize the importance of figuring out travel to and from the airport. You can’t get to your holiday if you can’t get to the airport! There are so many different airports to fly out of in the UK. One thing you should check is airport parking if you want to drive in. The parking at Luton airport may be different than the situation of car parking at the Birmingham airport. Another option is public transportation. But this always seem to be more of a hassle and more inconvenient, especially if you’re traveling in a group.


This is very important. Have the information and address of where you are staying for your holiday. It would be silly to delay your time of relaxation and adventure because you can’t find the place where you’re staying! Knowing where you’re going can save lots of time and frustration.


Having an agenda can be great once you got to your destination. Having all of your day trips and activities planned out can be another time saver and keep the stress away. For any shows or exhibits it also might be a good idea to get your tickets in advance, that way you know you’ll be able to go.


Make sure you have the necessary funds available to get through your holiday. The last thing you want is to run out of money in the middle of the week. Its also always good to have an emergency stash (either cash or a card) somewhere in case you run into an emergency. This is one of those tips that could actually save your life one day.


Can’t go anywhere out of your citizenship if you don’t have this with you! This may seem obvious but you’ll be surprisd to hear how many people forget or displace this on their way to the airport. This is also a valid form of identification for basically anywhere in the world. Needless to say, its pretty important.

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