Things You’ll Need By Your Side When You Get Lost

When you travel frequently there is one thing that you can absolutely count on and that is getting lost. At some point and time you will get lost. It may be for just a few minuets or a few hours and it could be in a city or in a jungle, but it will happen. This can be scary for a lot of people but the key is to embrace it. Almost every traveler has a great story about the time they got lost. This is how you find things that you never normally would have. One way to ensure that you will have a better experience getting lost is to invest in some of the best safety equipment. Being prepared is half the battle. Follow these few simple tips below and you will be prepared just fine.

Write Down Where You’re Staying

This can be a huge help if you get lost, especially when you’re traveling in a region where you don’t speak the native language. I like to have a local, most times a hotel or hostel employee, write down the name of the hotel, street, and the phrase “Can you please take me to…” on a scrap of paper or the back of the hotel business card. Even if you know the name of the street and hotel, your pronunciation 9 times out of 10 will be off. You don’t want miscommunication to be the reason you couldn’t get back to your hotel. Showing a cab driver or a local a legible written statement can eliminate that possibility.


In this day and age of technology and technological advances there is a new toy or app every other week that can make traveling easier and safer. Having your smartphone on you can save your life if you get lost. When you have google at your finger tips are you ever really in trouble? The smartphone has become the new age version of the swiss army knife. Don’t let it go to waste! But on the occasion that you don’t have service, internet connection, or battery life, look at the next two tips!

Carry a Map

A map will never run out of battery on you. As long as you can see it and have some semblance of where you are, a map will be your best friend. These are given out, usually for free, at transportation hubs and at the front desk of hotels and hostels. If you didn’t grab one from yours, walk into any one off the street and see if they have one for you. As great as technology is, sometimes nothing can replace having a hard copy of what you need in your hands.


Safety Supplies

This can be an entire range of things and it will vary on where you are traveling. For instance, spare rope can be invaluable when mountain climbing or hiking but may not be of great use while navigating the streets of Berlin. Many times and in most situations its always good to have plenty of water and a flashlight. Or if you’re in the sun you’ll want a proper hat and eye protection. No matter where you are going there is a wide range of safety equipment at places like PureSafety. Remembering these few things can put your mind slightly more at ease while you’re lost!

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